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Vin's Secret Spot

Dewycath (also was camerawoman)
Vin's Brother
Vin's Son

from lorry gang:
Vin Tan
Gary Lim

Secret spot.

Whole Day.

5 Nov 2005

Caution: Events depicted are from Author's POV... Do add on ur own experience if i missed out anything..

EXtracted FROM FishingKaki.COM

We reached Vin's spot at around 8.30 in the morning.

As always, Vin and I were the first to set up our rods and we both casted out in the same direction with our medium heavy tackle. Right in the middle. straught out to sea. Then I went to set up my next rod. My BC set with my new Cardiff 300.

Pretty soon, everyone had their rods(and handlines) set up, except Gary who was teaching dewycath how to ties rigs. I had three rods out, facing right, left and center....

Then we saw Vin's Brother walking to us, Ah Seng in hand(or on line).

Then Vin came forward with two keep nets. One for the "Good fish", and the other for the "Ugly/Bad/Hated/Unwanted/Ugly/Irritating/Ugly" fish. I don need to tell you where that sucker went.. [picture not included cuz it would be unfair to the tons of other ah seng that we also caught. favouritism is bad.]

While we were all talking about this "omen", another "omen" decided to show itself. Blasted rain.. We saw it about a few clicks away from us. Dark clouds.. Real dark clouds.. That's when Vin saw some Kim Kor near to where we were. He took his spool of light line and put a split shot on the line and tied it off with a super duper tiny hook and planted some bread(Gardenia if you must know), and let it fly.

Vin's son and Weiyee also decided to get it on the "action".

Then we heard it.. The sweet, beautiful sound of a ringing bell(Vin's bro didn't use a bell).

We all looked up and eagerly around trying to find out whose bell it was(which reminds me of my idea for diff pitched bells ).

Ding-ding... a bell rang again.. This time we caught sight of whose it was.

Leatham quickly got up and dashed to his rod's "aid".

He tightened the line and aimed his rod downwards and waited.

Wait for it. Wait for it.. STRIKE!!! We had a fish on!!

Then we saw this reddish object in the water. When it was near, we saw that it was a Red Snapper.

Pictures were taken and smiles were apparent on our faces. The earlier "omen" of that oh so Ugly/Bad/Hated/Unwanted/Ugly/Irritating/Ugly Ah Seng, and the rain (which never fully came, was drizzling oni) was now nullified.

Then, Vin's bro suddenly got up and went to check his rod, and held it at strike position.


"Fish on bo?" we asked..

A quick head nod brought us to our feet, eager to see if yet another "omen" would appear as if to nullify Leatham's catch. We again saw a reddish object in the water... Another Red Snapper..

Our casts now had renewed vigour.. I don mind telling you, I had one "bee hoon" incident because of that vigor..

About ten minutes on, Vin landed a Kim Kor..[this picture included]

Half an hour had passed since Vin landed that Kim Kor.. Vin, his son, and Weiyee were still dolling around with their light lines and the Kim Kor when we saw dewycath holding her rod, a brand new virgin Cherrywood that she had won at the "FK Fun Fishing Day", in strike position. Strike!!!

After a short "struggle", a nice sized Gao Bu was landed. Congratulations to dewycath cause that was her first catch. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, we forgot to photo the photographer herself...

All I can say is sorry, but don worry cause there will be more catches.. My first catch ever was a Belukang.. lol..

Pretty soon after that, we heard another bell. This time it was my BC with the still virgin Cardiff.

Being the kiasu nut that i am, i "walked briskly" over to my rod and got ready to strike. When I felt the bite, I whacked the bugger upside down. Then just to be on the safe side, i striked again..

Boy was i disappointed that i went through all that trouble just to land, a catfish.. A species that i had caught before but knew nothing about, including it's name. Well I consoled myself that at least it wasn't a tiny one.

Some time had past now, Weiyee and Vin's Son had both by now landed a Kim Kor each.

My other light spinning rod(at the other end) began to get taps. I walked over and did my stuff and striked. Another Red Snapper..

Shortly after i had kept-netted the bugger and recasted out my tackle, i had some bites on my other, BC rod again...
Landed an Ah Seng..

Almost instantly after throwing the bugger in to the "Ugly/Bad/Hated/Unwanted/Ugly/Irritating/Ugly" keep net, my light rod began to "nod" again...

Yet another Ah Seng...

Anywayz, to cut the story short, well, shorter... We landed lotsa lotsa Sengs..

Remaining part of the CR:
All of us contributed to so many Ah Sengs that we probably could've fed a small family for like a week. Assuming they even liked eating it of course.
I landed another Red Snapper as did Leatham.
Vin's son landed a fish that apparently we all forgot what was called.
I landed ONE gurama.. That's right ONE...
Vin landed another Red Snapper... along with a bucket...
I caught a stingray, and regardles of how tiny it was, it "washed" my rod and reel of the catfish filth that would've otherwise cursed me and that rod for ever.. lol
Vin's bro got a orange spotted grouper.

Gary's medium-heavy duty rod a very nice take.
As did my rod with the medium heavy tackle.

Neither produced any fish... It was a hit and run as we explained it...

Some ppl who were at the spot with us also had some nice action. This guy's huge Surecatch reel suddenly took off.. BZZBZZBZZBZZ.. and his rod was bending back and forth like siao. Unfortunately, by the time he got to his rod, the fish had "left the building".

Also, I'd like to say that it was a little disturbing putting so many vader faces on the pix... I hereby vow to use another face next time..

We all had an interesting and fun time that day.

Thanks Vin.


And here's to all those ppl who give up on spots because they only catch Ah Sengs. Among Ah Sengs may rest, erm, other better fish...

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