Friday, October 28, 2005

Pontoon Spot

Not much details to this trip. Just that this spot turned out to be very near to my "literal" playground. A place that i had been playing in and found about 2-3 years back. I know, I'm childish!! haha... I don't regret it one bit though. Those were fun times.. :D

Met the guys in the morning. Had breakfast and then went to SM Tackle to get me a new rod after my last one had broke(on that damn boat trip). All on my own dime.. Which is why I'm broke... :p

Long story short, we reached the spot at around 2. Met malau who it seems was already there.

Within half an hour, we all had bites. Gary caught a 150 gram Ang Cho Kee while i caught a 220 gram Ang Cho Kee on my virgin rod that i had just bought.. :D

Talk about luck man.. :D

Nothing much to say except that Ice wasn't there because we didn't tell him so as not to distract him from his studies(He's taking his O's this year).

Malau and I also had some very very strong bites on his 7 month old virgin rod and on my 68ft rod with a Penn 310 GTI multiplier. My rod was like bending like the number 7. But by the time i had got there, it was gone.

Later on, Malau caught a nice sized flathead and a small ray.

Bites on Vin's and Malau's new super bait were registered at zero.

Oldman also returned from his luring with no fish but with some new and interesting information on that place..

We went home around evening, feeling confident that we had finally found somewhere to call our own.

FusionStream, out.

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