Sunday, January 08, 2006

CR: Nick's Chermin and StingRay Alley

Note: Ripped from

No Long story or creatively edited pix here(well, at least not so much).
Tired la. haha

Me n Propunk were supposed to be fishing at ECP. Shortly after confirming, Nick called me and said if wanna go his spot, dubbed "Nick's Chermin & StingRay Alley". He had caught a 1kg+ Leopard Ray. So with that we decided to go there instead. My bro ended up joining me, his fourth fishing trip. (All previous trips he got first catch).

When we reached there, some other guys had caught a est 1kg Chermin.

At about 12, Nick caught a nice sized flathead.

Malau joined us at about 1o'clock. And that's when the stingray's started biting. Nick and I had double hookups with... 200gram stingrays... haha. About a while later I got another one.

At about 5.30pm, my bro was reeling in with his rod when he felt like it was sangkut, so he put it down and came to see what I was doing. When i saw that his line was slack I told him maybe got fish liao. But then he said it was because he had reeled it in halfway cuz it was sangkut. So I told him to go try again. He said still cannot move so I took the rod and gave it a hard tug. About a half a metre of line suddenly came out.

And I was like, "KNN Got Fish!!!!". So I passed the rod back to him. But he was reeling in the bugger the wrong way but when i tried to tell him, my words came out in incoherent bursts! haha.. I was stunned. That's when ProPunk took over and he asked me, are your rigs reliable?

I said yes although I was worried about the hooks.

The ray was landed in about 5 minutes. (Nearby oni)

My bro was friggin happy man.. haha...

The bugger had swollowed the circle hook until it was very deep.

Hook: Mustad Light Gauge Circle Hook from Gotham event... hehe...

Nick's catch:

My bro's Stingray:

My bro and his Stingray:

Mustad Light Gauge Circle Hook:


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